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Without dreams we would be a dejected society. Our dreams give us not only something to strive and reach for, but they give us hope on a day to day basis that if we want something bad enough we have the ability and power to go out and get it no matter the circumstance. Atlanta, Georgia native Will EQ lays the groundwork for his aspirations on his brand new single “Dreamers” that begs any and everybody with an objective of their own to push forward towards it. Gaining daily inspiration from his fans and supporters, Will is determined to not get caught up in the struggles of life that take people out everyday as they try to achieve their goals. The Psyconautz produced track serves as the second release from his upcoming project “Social Insecurity 1.5: Rise of the Machine” which is slated for release later on this month. -AllHipHop


Have you ever hit a moment in your life where things didn’t feel the way they used to and you just felt like you had to erase it all and start over? Atlanta native Will EQ presses the reset button on everything and breaks ground with the release of his new single “Ctrl Alt Delete”, a track that he calls “the introduction of a new movement”. With Pyscohonautz providing a bass-less, sample heavy instrumental for Will to vent on, the Georgia emcee kicks big rocks in the form of knowledge and asks life’s deep questions while making even bolder statements. This track is slated to live on his upcoming mixtape “Social Insecurity 1.5: Rise Of The Machine”. which is scheduled to drop at the end of October leading into his new album “Seven Day Weekend” at the top of 2015. -HipHopSince1987


Will EQ drops his track “Can I Borrow Your Lighter” a coming out track of sorts from his Social Insecurity project on DatPiff. The track is produced by The Psychonautz, who gave Will EQ a low key banger with somber horns that repeat in the background over gritty drums. Pay attention to the lyrics because Will EQ is observing his surroundings in an introspective way thats sure to draw attention. -AllHipHop

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Mixtape: Social Insecurity 1.5: Rise of the Machine

  • Ctrl Alt Delete

  • Dreamers

  • Can I Borrow Your Lighter?

  • Happy Now?

  • It Girl(Remix)

  • Big Lebowski Ft. Hobo The Great, King Cole

  • The Opposite

  • Something About Mary

Mixtape: Social Insecurity

  • Die Enormous

  • Losing My Religion

  • Something About Mary

  • Big Lebowski Ft. Hobo The Great, King Cole

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